You can have a drink with virtual pub The Corona Arms every evening

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Make the comb your restaurant (photo: comb)

It’s all virtual now.

And with good reason, given the global coronavirus pandemic and all that, of course.

The fact that you are locked up in your house will probably make you regret your social life and all the brunches you missed.

If you are looking for a pub with a particularly nostalgic atmosphere, you can join The Corona Arms, a virtual pub that invites everyone.

Founded by bartender Emily Highton, The Corona Arms made its debut this week and held a pub quiz to attract players.

Because times were tough, the organizers decided to raise money for St George’s Crypt, a charity in Leeds that supports the homeless.

In case you haven’t figured it out, a politician brings his boom.

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Our kind of cat with zoom (Photo: Corona’s weapons)

We met the owner of the house, Emily, who said that the ability to talk to strangers or just friends is now so important that millions of Britons could feel lonely in the castle.

She said it on the subway: In the last week or so, the world as we know it seems to have come to a standstill. Because I lived in London and couldn’t go back north to see all my friends, I decided to create a virtual pub so that we could still get together, have a drink, laugh and try to maintain a certain level of normality.

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The Waffenkrone was born with a small group, but as soon as we shared him privately, we were inundated with people who also asked to join us.

The team that brought The Corona Arms together consists of former colleagues from a marketing company, so it was natural to sell a virtual advertisement to the public.

You have an official Instagram page where you can keep up to date with the latest developments.

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Emily added: Gather lots of creative talent before you know it we have a logo, social media sites and a top singer preparing our first quiz in a virtual pub!

Although we all managed to find a way to support ourselves, we realized that so many people were struggling at this time, so we wanted to seize the opportunity to raise money for a local charity.

And the pub’s slogan is pretty catchy, too: Where everyone knows your name… …and always glad you’re stopping INDUSTRY.

They came up with the idea.

It’s open every night, and details on how to participate can be found on the social networking page.

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