Wizards are supposed to stick with John Wall-Bradley Beal’s backcourt


For the Washington Wizards, there’s no clear path to discord. There is also no clear path to a successful recovery. As a result, the NBA Washington should remain in the garden of John Wall and Bradley Beale’s stars for the 2020-21 season.

Wizard at a strange intersection. It’s 24:40, five and a half games in the round of 16 of the Eastern Conference with 18 regular season games, and they’ve played without recovering walls from Achilles’ bankruptcy. Beal has an average of 30.5 points per match, newcomer Rui Khachimura has made a strong impression, and a handful of veterans are equipped with leading roles.

It’s not exactly a convincing situation. That’s why a lot of people have shouted that there are witches for sale, especially the trade with Beal. They can be cornerstones and young talent. Such an agreement goes hand in hand with the departure of Wall, who was also the main commercial candidate. What for? Two players have opposite business values.

First of all, Bill’s never been better. He’s one of the top forward in the league, has put the Wizards on the back foot and recently signed a two-year, $72 million overtime deal to start the 2021-22 season. General Manager Tommy Sheppard could easily put together a combination of first round draft pick and successful young players for 26-year-old Beale.

Meanwhile, Wall is putting the finishing touches to one of the four $171 million summer packages, which includes a $47 million player option for the 2022-23 season. It is a huge burden for the team, which has to be taken care of by a player who will not play in the NBA for a year and a half.

Boy, it’s hard to compare retail salaries. Practical example : Regardless of the size of the player’s wall, Wizards are likely to change their salaries and get the first round of the first round of choice.

Let’s play three scenarios: 1) Wizards work with the body, 2) Wizards work with the wall and 3) Wizards work with both the body and the wall.

When trading wizards Beal, they have the ability to select players that match their system using draft, but also to put themselves in the hands of successful players when dealing with newcomers. This will be the first transparent step towards recovery. But the coins they get are actually their basis. Compared to the teams already in recovery mode, the young Washington core would be underestimated.

When the wizards trade the wall, they go from complicity in their franchise to contracts that other teams find undesirable. You’d trade with Wall to break his multiplayer contract. What’s that worth?

When witches trade both Bill and the Wall, they break down their organizational peaks and actually start at the bottom of their restructuring, especially when they use Bill as a way to get rid of the Wall contract. If you don’t get a real value for your two stars, what’s the point of trading them?

Keeping them both, Wall, is more valuable than trading them.

Nobody knows what the wall will look like after he’s been gone for 20 months. One thing’s for sure: If he’s healthy, he’s one of the best defenders of his time. He’s an elite player because he’s ready to attack the scoop with ease and precision to find his teammates in the right places. He is also the main defender in his position. During his career, Wall has an average of 19.0 points, 9.2 assists and 1.7 steals per match. Not bad, huh?

Although Wall may be 90% of his former self, he still makes a significant contribution at both ends of the floor and is one of the most notable leaders in the NBA. He’s one of the players for whom the team can almost get a ransom. For the wizard, it’s worth the risk of becoming his old self.

Yes, the Wizards never made it to the second round of the playoffs and sometimes took a step back in their attempts to conquer the East using Wall and Beal. At the same time, their mere presence has always allowed the wizards to compete with the best of the best from the East. They were one of the elite backcouts of the NBA and had trouble slowing down.

Was there ever a time when a break was useful? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. After Otto Porter Jr. started trading in February 2019, the Wizards continued their semi-contract, although a few maturing contracts (Jabary Parker and Bobby Portis) and a second round of Chicago Bulls represented a low return for Porter.

Times have changed, and it’s far from ideal. But it helps to be competitive. It allows fans to come to games, NBA fans to follow your team, and it also develops incentives to refine your playoff list.

Incidentally, the low point in the Eastern Conference playoff picture is generally unattainable, with Brooklyn Networks and Orlando Magic, the seventh and eighth seeds in the conference this season, after playing a total of nine games under the 500 mark.

Even if Kevin Durant and Kyria Irving are likely to return, there is little chance that the uncertainty will continue to shake the East for next season. In addition, the Wizards have Davis Bertans, which has a proven track record and is probably the only lottery choice in this year’s NBA projects. Why can’t they fight for a playoff spot and/or make noise with Wall and Bill?

It is worth mentioning the possibility that the new face will patrol the sidelines for the Wizards next season. Head coach Scott Brooks would be in danger of losing his job. However, if Washington decides that hiring a new coach is in the team’s best interest, do you think the new face wants Wall and Bill in the starting line-up or do you want some inexperienced young players in the yard?

A stay with Wall and Beal does not guarantee a positive result or a rejection of one or both. Finally, there is more confidence to keep it at two, both in the short and long term. Wizards know what they have with them; they don’t know what they’ll get without them.