‘We haven’t been able to handle the pressure’

According to the former Indian Apertura-champion, India plays very well in the league stage, but drops out in the semifinals or by elimination.

Gautam GambirGautam Gambir. (source: Twitter)

Gautam Gambir showed how a player has to fight under pressure in two decisive matches. Whether it was the final of the T20 World Championship in 2007 or the final of the 2011 World Championship, Gambir passed both events and led the Indian ship to victory. In the 2007 FIFA World Cup T20 final, the left rudder set an important milestone in the confrontation with Pakistan half a century ago. In the low-margin thriller, Gambira’s shots played a crucial role when India eventually won the trophy.

Gambir was again under pressure in the 2011 World Cup finals. His goal in 97 games had been decisive in the game India-Sri Lanka in the Vanhead Stadium. Gambir patched up an 83-seat critical grandstand with Virat Kohli and then added a 99-seat grandstand with MS Dhoni to facilitate the work of Team India.

The potential and abilities of a player or a team are indeed put to the test in such critical situations. After the opener Gambir said that India could not resist the pressure of the semifinals and the finals. According to the former discoverer of India, India plays very well in the competition, but in the semifinals or by elimination.

What sets you apart from being a good player before you are a very good player on the team is what you do in these important games. I think maybe we can’t handle the pressure, maybe the other teams can. When you look at all the semifinals and finals, it just shows that if you’re really good in the league phase and not really good in the semifinals or knockout matches, it’s probably also because of mental toughness, Gambir said during the Associated Star Sports Cricket.

You have no chance of being wrong in elimination situations: Gautam Gambir

Gambir also pointed out that it is not possible to make a mistake in the knockout phase of the tournament. India is missing in these crucial races and it is the ability in such situations that distinguishes the team, according to Gambira, who wore the national shirt in 58 tests, 147 ODI and 37 T20I.

We can always say that we have everything, that we have the chance to become world champions, but as long as you don’t go on the cricket pitch to prove that you will never become world champion. So it’s all about your competence in these delicate situations.

I’ve always said that in the two-phase and championship phase, you probably have a chance to make a mistake, you have a chance to go to the knockout phase, you don’t have a chance to make a mistake, you make a mistake and you go home. So that’s what the beliefs are and what India lacks in all these important games, he said.

Note Gautama Gambir’s reaction:

Big question: How can TeamIndia become champion again?

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