‘We have taken legal action, complained to film body,’ says Arbaaz Khan as Abhinav Kashyap targets Salman Khan’s Being Human – bollywood

The brother of actor Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, responded to the allegations of director Dabang Abhinav Kashyap that the human actor’s charity work was speculation and cover for money laundering. In an earlier report on social networks, Abhinav claimed that the actor and his family had sabotaged his career.

Arbaaz told the Hindustan Times: We have taken legal action and also filed a complaint with the Association of Directors of Photography. We want to go that way, but we don’t want to fight it any other way… We do what we think is the best way to solve this problem.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, Abhinav asked the government to conduct an investigation into humans. Salim Khan is the greatest idea – to be human. Charity meant to be human, it’s just a show-off. During the filming of Dabang five cycles were handed out in front of my eyes and the next day the newspapers published that the generous Salman Khan had donated 5000 cycles to the poor. All this was done to clean up Salman Khan’s image and to ensure that the media and judges were sympathetic to his criminal cases. They make money cheating on an innocent public. They sell jeans for Rs.500 for Rs.5,000 and wash money for charity. It’s not about giving someone something, it’s about buying from people. The government needs to examine the human condition… I’m going to work with the government.

Earlier he had accused Salman Khan, his brothers Sohail and Arbaaz of harassing him and sabotaging his career. He wrote on Facebook: The reason I left Dabang 2 to 10 years ago is that Arbaaz Khan, in conspiracy with Sohail Khan and his family, tried to control my career by mocking me. He then gave details of several other projects and said that the Khan brothers had tried to stop the production of his films and had forced him to return the signed amounts to them.

He went on to say: Sushanth Singh Rajput’s suicide highlights a much bigger problem than many of us have ever experienced before. What could induce a man to commit suicide? I’m afraid his death is just the tip of the iceberg, because the #metoo movement was for a much bigger disease in Bollywood.

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While Arbaaz said they would settle it legally, Salman and Arbaaz’s father, Salim Khan, said the claims weren’t worth his time. The Times of India quoted him in the report: Ji-haan, hum-hee, no sab harab kiya hai-nah The monkey has a hole in the hole of a single film of the cover of a folder of the groin. Unhone mera name daala hai na unki explain to me? Unhe shayad nur pitaji ka name nahi pata. Unka took ta Rashid Khan. Unhe humare dadaon aur pardadaon ka name bhi daalne dijiye (Yes, we are the ones who ruin everything, aren’t we? First watch his movies, then we’ll talk. He used my name in his proposal, didn’t he? Maybe he didn’t know my father’s name. His name was Rashid Khan. He must have used my grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s names too.) Let him do what he wants, but we won’t waste time responding to what he says, Salim said.

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