Waqar Younis ready to resign as Pakistan’s bowling coach if unable to deliver the targets

He also stated that his plan was to prepare an established bowling attack for Pakistan in a cricket test.

Vakar Eunice

Vakar Eunice. (source: Twitter)

Waqar Eunice, a great Pakistani bowler who is currently the coach of the national team, has made it clear that he will resign if he is unable to fulfill his duties. This is not the first time he has been associated with the Pakistani cricket team after hanging up his boots in international cricket.

He was appointed bowling coach in Pakistan in 2006 and promoted to head coach in 2010. He resigned in 2011, joined the team in May 2014 and left the team in April 2016. Waqar Eunice has returned as coach of the bowling team since the ICC Cricket World Cup of 2019 and now has a three-year contract with the Pakistan Cricket Council (PCC).

I plan to prepare a well-designed bowling attack, says Vakar Eunice.

Vakar Eunice said he would review his work in a year’s time. He also outlined his plan and wants to prepare a bowling attack for Pakistan, especially in the longest format of the game. However, the 48-year-olds have also made it clear that they will introduce a policy of rotating players on the shorter format to give players a break.

In a year’s time I will take stock and I want to make it clear that if I feel that I am not good enough for the job and that I can’t handle the job, I will resign and leave my job. It’s not like I have a three-year contract to deal with. I have several goals, and I want to help and coach young fast bowling players.

In my opinion, my plan is to prepare an established bowling attack for Testkricket and adhere to the rotation policy for white-ball formats. Where we accept horses for the exchange policy. Choose the uniforms for us, India Today quotes him as follows

Waqar Eunice also praised the current number of skittles playing for Pakistan and said that he and his team are also following the Pakistani national scene in search of new talent to represent the country.