‘Things weren’t going well’ – Bhuvneshwar Kumar reveals why he felt the need to increase his pace

Most Indian bowling players were not known for playing at high speed, but they are quite well known for their ability to swing and shift gears.


Published – 21. March 2020 at 8:10 p.m. | Update – 21. March 2020 at 8:10 p.m.

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Buvshwar KumarBuvshwar Kumar. (source: Twitter)

There are different kinds of areas and places in the world. Certain conditions and terrains are favourable for swings, while a small number of bouncers, etc. are not. Most Indian bowlers weren’t known for playing at high speed, but they are quite well known for their ability to vary the tempo.

The art of swinging the ball is unique, and Indian players are masters in this art. Buvshvar Kumar entered the cricket arena as a good swinger. His ability to swing the ball in Indian conditions, where conditions are not particularly suitable for rocker bowlers, caused a sensation. Bowling against Pakistan at the beginning of his career made him a star on the international scene.

Cricket, however, is a sport that is constantly evolving. The Batsmen find many ways to counter the capacities of the Star Bowlers in the opposition. And Bhuvi was undoubtedly one of the best bowling players to represent India, but the baseball team found a way to reduce Bhuvi’s attack on the swing to zero and at the same time reduce the x-factor to zero.

I didn’t have this rhythm at bowling. Buvshvar Kumar

Soon Buvshvar, an expert in swing, won’t be able to play the same productions as he did at the beginning of his career. Then he realized that he had to improvise and develop himself as a bowler. Buvshvar Kumar opened an interview about Crikbuse.

When I arrived, I was able to shake the ball because I was playing the Rankie trophy with the red SG ball, [which] is known for its tendency to shake, so I got used to it. The first year was very good, because the swing brought me a lot of positions, but in the end, because I didn’t have too much speed, the drummer could adjust. That’s when I ran away.

At one point you realize that something has to change, and I felt like I had to speed things up. I didn’t have that rhythm in my bowling alley and it didn’t go so well. But then I started training, and that helped. Unconsciously my speed has increased, says the pedometer.

It is said that the strongest survive, and in this case it was the same for Bhuvi. He had to admit his weakness and deal with it in the light of his injuries.

I fought for an episode or two because I wasn’t used to bowling at that pace. To keep the ball from swinging. Because I’m not used to it, my body was overloaded and I had to deal with injuries and pigs. But in my spare time I began to understand what was going on and how to get out of it.

Although it was an early career for Bhuvi, his conscience was the key to his survival. His ability to adapt and pay attention to this aspect has really helped him to become a better cricketer, because the constant need for change and flexibility is the key to success in the sport.