‘Stay home for 21 days, play your part’: Sportstars appeal to fans in bid to curb coronavirus

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Published : 24. March 2020. 10:14:38


Children watch from the balcony of their house during a complete blockade, while fear of the coronavirus grows in New Delhi. (AP photo)

Prime Minister Narendra Maudie has announced a complete blockade of the entire country for 21 days from Tuesday midnight. In his second speech to the nation, Prime Minister Maudie stressed that social alienation is the only way out for the country in its crucial fight against the coronavirus.

Maudie also urged her compatriots not to cross the Lakshman River from her homeland for the next three weeks. Any neglect during those 21 days will bring the country and your families back to 21, he said, pointing to the enormous danger of the coronavirus.

The experiences of countries that have managed to contain the virus to varying degrees and the advice of experts have clearly shown that social dissociation through blockage is the only way to break the vicious circle of infection, he said.

He said it was the only beam of light.

After his appeal to the nation, the athletes went to social networks and called on fans and their countrymen to adhere strictly to the 21-day isolation regime.

Here are some of these reactions…

As just announced by our esteemed Prime Minister Sri @ NarendraModi Gi, the whole country will be in a closed room for 21 days from midnight. My request remains, please stay in the house. ~ ? Welfare is the only cure for Covid 19?

– Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) 24. March 2020.

Let’s wrestle together… we can do the #corona pic.twitter.com/OTH2iJbPMz…

– Surav Ganguli (@SGanguly99) 24. March 2020.

These 21 days are very important in the history of our nation, and each of us can play a role by simply staying at home and away from the people. Please stick strictly to it and we will soon overcome the #Coronavirus lockdown.

– Wirendersehwag 24. March 2020.

In line with the recommendations of our Honorary Prime Minister Sri @narendramodi ji, I call on everyone to stay home and contribute to the fight against the pandemic #StayHome #StaySafe #IndiaFightsCorona

– cheteshwar pujara (@cheteshwar1) 24. March 2020.

संयम और धेर्य से मिलेगी जीत। मुशिल वक़्त ज़रूर है लेकिन क्रिकेट और खेल हमें बताता अगर ठान लें तो पूरा कर सकते हैंं। #StayAtHomeSaveLives #LockdownNow #LockdownQuery&[email protected] ;

– R P Singh रुद्र प्रताप सिंह (@rpsingh) 24. March 2020.

Please understand the seriousness of the situation. #IndiaFightsCorona #StayHomeStaySafe and stay healthy. As suggested by our esteemed Prime Minister @narendramodi Ji, we intend to proceed with the complete closure.

– 24. Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) March 2020.

Social distance is crucial for all of us in the next 21 days. Stay home, wash your hands regularly and let’s break the chain. Don’t panic about basic needs, central and state governments will take care of it# IndiaBoiCorona

– 24. Laxman Air Force (@VVSLaxman281) March 2020.

अगले 21 दिन सब के बहुत ज़रूरी हम सब मिलकर @narendramodi के. आदेशों का करेपालन और घर के अंदर रहें इसी प्रकार हम इस&[email protected] ; करोना वायरस अपना सब ं सकते हैका.&[email protected] ;

– Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) 24. March 2020.

Thank you very much to https://t.co/kUqOEnRoyP.

– @boxervijender Singh (24 March 2020).

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