State Adds to Beach Closures •

Vehicle access is temporarily closed in the dune recreation area and on the Pismov beach.

As of today, the California Department of Parks and Recreation has temporarily closed off access to Pismo Beach and the Dune Oseano Recreation Area (SVRA), including parking spaces on Lake Oso Flaco.

These two sites are the latest additions to the list of fleets closed to vehicles by the State in order to prevent traffic congestion and limit the spread of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) at local level.

Normally we welcome guests from out of town to our campsites and beaches – , but this is not the time, said County Emergency Services Director Wade Horton.

The following public parks in San Luis Obispo County are now temporarily closed to vehicles:

  • Cayukos Beach
  • Hearst Castle
  • Morro Bay State Park
  • Morro Beach
  • Condition of the vehicle resting place (oceanic resting place)
  • Pismo State Beach

The Californian parks have taken several safety measures in recent weeks, including the temporary closure of all campsites, museums and visitor centers in the park system, the cancellation of all events and the closure of traffic in busy parks.

To date, all open-air parks, including paths and beaches that are not covered by tents, remain open. Toilets remain open during the day and visitors are advised to bring alcohol-based hand soap and hand cleansers if water is not available.

A recent decision of the district house does not forbid the residents to go for sports or recreation as long as they can maintain a physical distance of six meters with other people.

Persons belonging to the same household do not need to maintain this physical distance.

State parks work closely with local district and health officials and evaluate the park on a daily basis to ensure access to healthy outdoor recreation while maintaining the required physical distance.

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If necessary, additional closure measures will be taken in the coming days.
An updated list of locks is available on the Internet at

Due to the need for access to the street and recreation, the public car park on Grand Avenue remains open for parking; however, parking restrictions have been introduced which allow only one hour parking.

For an update on KOVID-19 in the ASO region : Visit or call a registered public health information number: (805) 788-2903. For questions about KOVID-19 there is a call center at (805) 543-2444, seven (7) days a week from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Call (805) 788-2222 to report a violation of the rules for home accommodation.

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