Shruti Haasan, dad Kamal Haasan, mom Sarika, sister Akshara self isolate in separate houses – bollywood

Actress Shruti Haasan said that her whole family has a different travel history and that each of them is isolated – in different apartments and houses. While Sarika and Shruti are in different apartments in Mumbai, Kamal and Akshara are in separate houses in Chennai.

Shruty came back from London 10 days ago and has been in quarantine ever since. Shruti said in an interview with Mumbai Mirror that I’m used to being alone. The problem is that we don’t have the opportunity to go out and the threatening fear of what it all means to us. Over the past few days, people have started to take this seriously. Luckily, when I got back, the shoot had already been canceled. My whole family’s retired. The mother (actress Sarika) is also in Mumbai but in another apartment, the father (Kamal Haasan) and Akshara (the sister) are in Chennai but in separate houses. We all had different travel plans, and there was no point in isolating ourselves from each other. It’s a decision I think people should make.

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On Monday Schrute put his pictures on Instagram and wrote: Is everything all right, I hope? I learn a lot about myself and I am very happy to be the one who enjoys my own company, so it is good to use this time to check out and relax in peace and quiet. Stay home, be positive, take care of yourself and send lots of love and light to everyone #stayhome #stayfit.

I’ve read this quote: If you can’t spend time with yourself, it means you’re bad company. Someone I spoke to today said he needed to see a friend once in a while. Another person on social networks spoke about social distance, but with five other people around him. It doesn’t work like that. These are educated people who need to take more responsibility. There’s no one in my house, not even my maid. It’s just me and Clara, my pussy, she said in the gossip magazines afterwards.