Shahs Of Sunset Star Golnesa GG Gharachedaghi Calls Her Ectopic Pregnancy ‘Karma’

The Sunset Checkers public knows that GG is a wild card. Recently she decided that she would become a mother without a man in her life.

Your wormhole marriage to Shalom is over. They met, got married and got divorced within two years.

Since then, GG has expressed a desire to meet a man who wants to have a baby – as friends.

Since this is unlikely, Golnesa decided to use a sperm donor and implant an embryo. A few weeks ago, on Sunset Shahs, she found out she was pregnant.

Unfortunately, she had an ectopic pregnancy. To exacerbate the situation, she had to perform an emergency operation in which both fallopian tubes were removed.

A real star can never have a child in a natural way. Recently she spoke about her feelings about this heartbreaking situation.

I don’t dwell on things. I’m pretty easy to manipulate, and when it happened, I wanted to blame someone, I wanted to be angry with someone, and I had no one to be angry with. I will never forget my doctor, he was devastated when it happened because the chance of ectopy after IVF is less than 1%, so this was his first situation and all I remember are his eyes full of tears. I told him from the beginning: I’m really sorry. I didn’t think this would happen to me. I’ve been thinking and thinking: Oh, God, I’m sorry I let my doctor down. It was easy, it was a lot to process, but I did it and I got back on my feet.

For those who don’t know: At some point in his life, GG lived recklessly and got into trouble.

She showed Instagram that everything that happened was her karma.

I strongly believe in karma and I think I’ve made enough mistakes to believe that this is my karma cycle. I’m not a victim, and I’ll never play the role of victim. It was just a lesson. Thank you all for your love and support. This is going to be a difficult episode for me to watch. But thank God I’m about to have Elias’ baby.


Fortunately, GG is about to become a mother. She’s seven months pregnant with a healthy baby.


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