Re-design of the top 10 selections of the 2018 NFL Draft


The NFL 2018 design has brought some elite players into the league, but many teams would probably like to do the design a little differently. Let’s play the top ten in the 2018 NFL draft after two full seasons of the Championship.

1. Cleveland Brownes

Original selection: Baker Mayfield

Rearranged selection: Lamar Jackson

There’s still hope that Baker Mayfield will be a solid quarterback for Cleveland Brown. But for now, it’s clear that if the team goes back in time, they want another quarterback.

Lamar Jackson was voted last by the Baltimore Ravens in the first round. And at this point, it’s clear he’s the best option for the Browns. But he’s also the Browns, so maybe he wasn’t as successful as the Ravens.

2. New York Giants

Original selection: Sakun Barkley

Rearranged selection: Sakun Barkley

Sakun Barkley’s choice for the New York Giants was a bit astonishing at the time, but in hindsight it was definitely the right decision. During the 2019 season, Barkley was injured, but still made 217 runs for 1003 yards and six touchdowns. He also took 52 passes for 438 yards and two touchdowns.

3. New York jets

Original selection: Sam Darnold

Rearranged selection: Sam Darnold

The New York Jets may not be the best choice, but there wasn’t really a choice for them. They could try to improve their offensive line, but even if they did, they still wouldn’t have a decent quarterback to defend. Sam Darnold has had his ups and downs throughout his career, but he has always shown himself to be a franchise quarterback.

4. Cleveland Brownes

Original selection: Denzel Station

Rearranged selection: Denzel Station

The Brownes did not get their first overall result, but their fourth overall result was correct. Denzel Ward turned out to be a closed corner in the early years of his career. Brown’s defense has a lot to do, but Ward is a player they can rely on.

5. Denver-Broncos

Original selection: Bradley Chubb

Rearranged selection: Quenton Nelson

The Denver Broncos had a very good choice with Bradley Chubb, but still had the best choice with this selection. Quenton Nelson soon turned out to be one of the best offensive linemen in the NFL. With the Broncos fighting on the attack line, Nelson would certainly be the right choice.

6. Indianapolis Colt

Original selection: Quenton Nelson

Rearranged selection: Darius Leonard

In the 2018 repeat the Colts hit Indianapolis on each of the first two laps, but with Nelson overboard their team would be much worse. The Colts could not lose on each of their first two predictions, so they chose Darius Leonard, who eventually became second in the sixth round. He stood out from the foals and should have been selected earlier than in the second round.

7. Buffalo accounts

Original selection: Josh Allen

Rearranged selection: Josh Allen

Josh Allen may not be the sexiest design choice for 2018, but he was still the right choice for Buffalo Beals. Josh Allen took Beals to the playoffs and he has improved with each season. During the 2019 season, Allen threw 3,089 yards, 20 touchdowns and nine interceptions. Hopefully it will continue to improve over the years and lead Bill to his first Super Bowl victory.

8. Chicago Bear

Original selection: Rosan Smith

Rearranged selection: Bradley Chubb

Rosan Smith was a very good player for the Chicago Bears, but with Bradley Chubb still on the team, the Bears will never get over it. Chubb got 12 bags for the 2019 season. He treated the injuries in the 2019 season, but would still be the right number eight choice for the bears.

9. San Francisco 49ers

Original selection: Mike McGlinchi

Rearranged selection: D.J. Moore

The 49ers were looking for the real number one J.J. Moore would give them. During the 2019 season Moore caught 87 passes for 1,175 meters and four touchdowns. Moore seems to be getting better, and if he were on the team, they wouldn’t have to compete with Emmanuel Sanders for the 2019 season. Would that be enough to win the Super Bowl? It may be far-fetched, but there is no doubt that a 49th percentile is best. The attack would be even better if Moore was in a corner.

10. Arizona Cardinals

Original selection: Josh Roses

Rearranged selection: Minka Fitzpatrick

The Arizona cardinals have elected Josh Rosen as their 10th president. Picker, and although he never had a fair chance in the game, he was definitely the wrong choice. Taking Baker Mayfield could make sense because they needed a quarterback, but he could be a couch after a season with Cliff Kingsbury trying to find the right guy. Minka Fitzpatrick would be the best player on the board. The Fitzpatrick scheme would also allow the cardinals to trade Patrick Peterson to raise more capital for the project.

Fitzpatrick would protect the cardinals much better.

Russell Wilson, Seahawks.

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