Ravens 2020 Draft: A look at Baltimore’s second round picks

Eric Decosta


Eric Decosta for the contest.

The Baltimore Rooks continue their work on the NFL 2020 project and are ready for the second round.

When business resumes on Friday night, the Rooks will call 55 and 60. You can bet on a team that defends with a brick, as a lineman or as a rider. If the board is the right width, Baltimore can make this move. The register is quite complete considering the solid off-season the Ravens have had, but depth is definitely on the menu this year.

With these patches, the Towers will seek to meet basic offensive and defensive needs as the 2020 season approaches. If the team so desires, they also get the chance to move during this round, but they will start with these predictions.

NFL Raven 2020 Solution Projects

The Ravens have many choices that can be used as part of the NFL 2020 project. It all starts in the first round with election number 28. On the second trading day the crows get their 55th and 60th birthday. In the third round the recruits vote 92 and 106. In the fourth round the team qualifies for 129 and 134. In the fifth round the Towers chose the 170th place. In the sixth round Baltimore made no prediction and in the seventh round the team finished in 225th place.

The Ravens have nine hats to work on over the weekend.

Off-season crows need.

The Ravens seem in a decent position on both sides of the ball because of their young team, but as general manager Eric Decosta has indicated, there is no doubt that the team will have to make some well-placed additions, especially in the offense. Baltimore could still use another receiving threat to help Lamar Jackson, and depending on what happens to some of the team’s free agents, another defender could be on the roster, although that position could be filled in an NFL draft.

Baltimore shouldn’t take more drastic measures after what it’s already done in a free agency, but should keep its own talents in the shadows while trying to make some well-placed additions to the mix. When the call was made, one could expect the team to be charged on both sides of the ball.

Deepening, developing recruited players and keeping the right players in house can be a great advantage for a team that moves forward and helps them keep the master cast. So far, as in previous years, this off-season is a movement for the Ravens.

Regardless of who votes, the team will start the NFL 2020 project at the end of the first round with selection number 28.

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