Quarantine workout: Lockdown exercises to keep you fit, focused and healthy-more lifestyle.

While we were navigating our professional and personal lives blocking the Covid-19, some fitness enthusiasts also returned home at an important moment: the importance of health and fitness. Physical training is not only important for a healthy body, but also necessary for a healthy mind and emotional well-being. Even though there are people who always get the best out of the situation, and even more so in their forties, when the world finds ways to stay motivated through social networks, to write, read, watch drunkenness and perhaps even work on their sleep, this is still an important aspect of health. Although laziness seems to be a new norm among the other innovations of staying at home, there is no substitute for self-service and getting fit in every possible way – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Exercise has clear benefits for the body. But did you know that moving and taking a break from sweating also improves mood, relieves depression and strengthens cognitive skills? This flood of endorphins and dopamine is exactly what you need when you have finished a demanding but satisfying workout to stay mentally and emotionally fit.

Various Facebook groups – Fittr, Fitness2Flash, Apurvaa Yoga, Yoddhas – Indian Cancer Fighters, Indian Ketogenic Diet and even some celebrity and institutional pages – are working to create a healthy community that goes beyond virtual communication. These Facebook pages found a growing audience because everyone, no matter how flexible, trained together, kept a social and physical distance and remained true to their motto: stay fit.

Covid-19 has improved the lives of billions of people around the world. As this global public health crisis develops and more and more people are physically separated from their communities, we hope that communicating with people on Facebook will help keep people healthy and safe at home, according to a Facebook spokesperson.

Besides, you don’t need a gym for that. You can get an excellent workout right at home.

Advantages of working from home:

Exercising at home is an excellent substitute for gymnastics training. There are different types of home/professional activities:

A) By its weight alone

B) Use of basic equipment such as dumbbells, belts/resistance tubes.

(C) The use of household items such as backpacks, water bottles, buckets and even brooms.

It is a good idea to start with basic exercises using your body weight and gradually add progressions and increase the intensity. In this way, the level of difficulty slowly increases, which reduces sweating and strengthens the muscles while preventing injuries. You can add a mix of push-ups (regular and advanced), circular exercises (a series of exercises done in quick succession with little or no breaks) and much more.

How to train upper, lower and upper body parts:

Training at home can be divided into 3 main groups: Upper body, lower body and torso. Read the following for a step-by-step explanation of each area and procedure.


1. Push-ups

Step 1 – Lie face down on the ground with your palms slightly above the width of your shoulders. This is your starting position.

Step 2 – Grasp the core and push the body off the ground with your hands. Thighs and knees go up too.

Step 3 – Stand up until your elbows are closed and your entire body is in a straight line.

Step 4 – Lower the body and return to the original position. He’s one of the push-ups.

Pumps may seem deceptively simple, but they can really punch you and help you shape your body, especially your upper body and torso. The action of pushing the weight of the body away from the ground enables a workout with great resistance for the arms, shoulders and chest/body. You also need to sharpen the core to stabilize your posture, which has the added benefit of being able to work on the press.

2. Pull-ups

Step 1 – Raise your hands and grasp the tiller, both hands should be slightly wider than the shoulders of the other hand.

Step 2 – Pull the body up until the chin is above the bar.

Step 3 – Raise your arms and lower your body until your arms and shoulders are fully extended. He’s a salesman.

Lower body:

1. Sumo Squats body weight

Step 1 – Stand with your feet just above shoulder width, with your toes outwards.

Step 2 – Raise your hands in front of you to keep your balance.

Step 3 – Keep your head and upper body upright, breathe in, lower your body and bend your knees. Don’t forget to go down until your hips are parallel to the ground.

Step 4 – Wait a minute and push the body upwards vigorously. Exhale from above. He’s a salesman.

2. weight loss

Step 1 – Stand up straight with the upper body, the hands on the hips.

Stage 2 – Chest, head up, knees slightly flexed.

Step 3 – Step forward with your left foot, wide enough but not too wide.

Step 4 – Step forward, bend your left knee and lower your right knee until it almost touches the ground. The left thigh must be parallel to the ground.

Step 5 – Return to the starting position and step forward with your right foot. I’ll say it again.


1. Punk

Step 1 – Lie face down on the ground.

Step 2 – This position is similar to the original push position, but the elbows and forearm touch the ground.

Step 3 – Keep a little distance between you and climb to the end of your toes.

Step 4 – Pull on the core, relax the neck and hold it as long as possible. Don’t forget to breathe normally.

In addition to physical training, it is important to take care of your mental and emotional well-being in times of crisis.

Preservation of health during closing:

Yoga and meditation are a great way to rejuvenate and calm the mind, especially at times like these.

The simple postures of Hatha Yoga (Asanas) are a good way to stretch the body and relax the mind. The time has come to make Suryanamascar part of your daily life. Suryanamascar involves the whole body and wakes it up. For a great yoga workout, try a series of Suryana Maskars in a row. 10 minutes of Suryanamaskara a day will help you burn 139 calories, which is more than you would burn after 10 minutes of swimming. Surya Namaskar, also called Ultimate Asana, strengthens the back and muscles and lowers blood sugar levels. It also improves metabolism and circulation (hence the appearance of the skin) and ensures a regular menstrual cycle in women.

There are also many asanas, both standing and sitting, that open joints and treat tendons.

Meditation or Dhyana is the most important link in yoga. Find a quiet place, sit down with your spine straight and close your eyes. Let the mind stay awake and active as long as your thoughts are retreating. Begin your day with meditation and you will cultivate a fresh mind and body. It is the ideal way to calm a restless mind and reconnect with oneself.

You can also try meditation with content available on YouTube (including the Isha Foundation’s Sadhguru Guide), Spotify and meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm, to name but a few.

The best part of it all: They are at home and at work to stay healthy, which is the first step in the fight against all health-related diseases and lifestyle disorders.

– Contribution to the training by Mr. Jitter Chuxi, founder of the online fitness company Fitter.

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