Police blotter: March 4 – March 18

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Wednesday 4. March

21:37 Pitt Police have arrested two non-academic departments of the Petersen Event Center. One of them was arrested for obstructing law enforcement activities, resisting arrest and disturbing public order. Another was arrested for obstructing law enforcement activities, resisting arrest and harassment/threats.

22:23 The non-academic branch has received a public drunkenness certificate at the Petersen Event Centre.

Thursday 5. March

10:36 Fifth Street University Store reported on 4. Shoplifting.

23:11 A student from Fifth Avenue and Tekkerey Street was transferred after a campus security agency reported an alcohol offense.

Friday 6. March

9:51 Pitt Police arrested a high school branch on Forbes Avenue for driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of a controlled substance (heroin) and possession of drug paraphernalia.

18:38 A student was arrested in the Petersen Event Center for theft after an illegal arrest.

Saturday 7. March

1:50 a.m. A man reported a robbery at a store on 3500 Forbes Avenue. A man was found and the stuff was returned.

10:00 The non-academic branch has been charged with misconduct in the Pitt shop.

10:26 Resident manager in Tower B seized drug paraphernalia during a security check. Targets have turned into police.

11:11 Resident manager in Tower A seized drug paraphernalia during a security check. Targets have turned into police.

1:07 Pitt Police arrested a non-university branch for violating and disrupting public order in the Pitt store.

14:03 A man has reported a criminal misconduct to Fitzgerald Field House.

16:20 Pitts Police assisted the Metropolitan Police in an oral interview on Juliet Street.

11:44 An individually reported identity theft from a public safety building.

Sunday 8. March

15:58 A student in Tower C has been warned of harassment/threats.

8:21. The non-academic branch was subpoenaed for public drunkenness on South Book Street.

Monday 9. March

11:44 Residence Life reported 14 violations of the Alcohol Act. All students received behavioral advice.

19:02 Pitts Police assisted the municipal police in a possible theft of mail from an apartment in Darrag Street.

Tuesday 10. March

6:19 Pitts Police helped the PNC bank commit the robbery – the person withdrew the money but forgot to take it out of the ATM.

18:27 The non-university branch was quoted for public drunkenness.

Wednesday 11. March

10:24 The city police have reported three robberies that took place in the fall. The first took place on the 17th. August at 4400 Forbes Avenue. The second was on the 18th. August on the corner of Forbes Avenue and Bellefield Avenue. The third took place on the first. September in the streets of Lotrop and Victoria.

10:44 The city police have reported three firearms violations in the past six months. The first one was on the 5th. August on Auckland Avenue. The second took place on the 19th. September on O’Hara Street. The third took place on the 21st. November at 3400 Fifth Avenue.

11:11 a.m. At 10 a.m. the city police reported a serious theft on Fifth Avenue and DeSoto Street. September.

11:37 The city police reported it on the 30th. In September, a man on Atwood Street reported his car stolen.

11:42 The city police reported that the 4. In December, one person was charged with the possession of marijuana on Roberto Clemente Drive and South Bouquet Street.

11:49 The city police report that nine people were convicted of breaking the alcohol law in the autumn semester in Auckland.

12:21 Section IX reported that there was a student in Holland Hall on the 12th. Janvier was sexually abused by a non-academic branch.

12:26 According to a study abroad, the 19. In March 2019, two brothers from Sydney, Australia, had a fistfight and broke their jaws. The victim filed a complaint with Sydney police.

1h10 One in 10 medical art building employees signed up. Mars: Laptop theft.

4:38 The non-university branch received a subpoena for public drunkenness.

Thursday 12. March

12:37 p.m. The non-academic branch was arrested on Fifth Avenue.

13:59 A manager of The Pitt Shop reported a store robbery.

11:33 PM A man reported that a bicycle helmet was taken.

Friday 13. March

1:43 pm Pitts Police supports Metropolitan Police on Dawson Street and Allied Boulevard. Two students received behavioral advice.

9:51 A student in S Tower reported that her money had been stolen from her dormitory.

11:11 a.m. City police reported that a man was killed on Forbes Avenue and McKee Place on charges of possession of marijuana on January 14.

1:44 A student reported the theft by cheating in Forbes Hall.

Saturday 14. March

17.19 A man reported a crime in Holland Hall.

Sunday 15. March

11:36 Pitt Police helped city police break into North Neville Street.

15:24 Pitt Police assisted city police in a possible robbery on North Neville Street.

6:58 PM The student reported that a young man grabbed her by the buttocks on Forbes Avenue.

The police didn’t write anything in the crime register on Monday 16 March.

Tuesday 17. March

13:54 A student reported that he left his Bluetooth speaker unattended and disappeared on his return.

18:12 Pitts Police assisted Metropolitan Police in a verbal interview in Joe Hammer Square.

20:02 A man reported that food was set on fire in a toaster in an apartment on Darrag Street. The city fires reacted and cleaned up the scene.

Wednesday 18. March

3:39 PM Residence Life has reported four violations of the Alcohol Act. Each student received a study advice.