Pismo Preserve Closes Until Further Notice •

SLO County Groundskeepers:

To our family in the SLO district,

With the attention and health of our entire community, we have taken the difficult decision to close the Pismo Nature Reserve until further notice. The Department of Land Security has determined that the Pismo Nature Reserve does not offer sufficient opportunities for social remoteness due to the design of the paths, the limitations of the park and the sanitary facilities and the number of visitors we have seen in recent days. We work closely with the province and the city of Pismo and they support our decision. I understand that the community needs to stay active and take to the streets, and I understand that this will be disappointing news for many.

Since our discovery in January, the Pismo Nature Reserve has become a very popular hiking trail, offering relaxation and stunning views of the county’s territory, which was previously only accessible to a limited extent by high altitude paths. I hope you will continue your efforts to look after your own health and that of your friends and strangers. A walk or bike ride in the neighborhood is always a good way to pump blood and keep your body and mind healthy. Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere.

The Pismo Reserve has been preserved forever, and the paths will still be there as these storms pass, both literally and figuratively. Our team will continue to follow closely the news and recommendations regarding KOVID-19 and will reopen the shrine in Pismo as soon as it is safe, most likely when orders are received from the shrine at home. Meanwhile, our team is still working on major restoration and maintenance works throughout the district.

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We will keep you informed about interesting new savings opportunities on the horizon and we can explore the possibilities with you via social media and video feeds. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems. We track e-mails and answer phone calls (if we don’t answer, we leave your mailbox and call you back within 24 hours on weekdays).

Thank you for your cooperation and for not abiding by the rules, because we are all working together on this issue. We will continue to put the health of our country, our nature and our people first.

Stay okay,

Kayla Dettman
Executive Director SLO Land Security

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