No TV shoots anymore, Hina Khan mops the floor as Karishma Tanna cooks: Here’s how celebs are self isolating – tv

In times of self-isolation, a number of Indian television stars do their best not only to stay at home and be safe, but also to use their time at home for different purposes. While actress Karishma Tanna showed the video, in which she demonstrated her cooking skills for Maggie’s oatmeal vegetables, Hina Khan was discovered under the supervision of her mother by a family member. In the same way Arjun Bielani showed a video in which he looked after his grandson while they were painting together.

Karishma’s video shows them how everyone tried to protect themselves from the coronavirus. She did the same thing and tried to do interesting things to keep herself busy. Then she says she would cook Maggie with lots of vegetables, admitting that Maggie is not the healthiest food. To compensate for this, she opted for oatmeal (as opposed to white earth) which she would cook with the addition of vegetables such as carrots, beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc. She also said that she had ventured into the kitchen to help her mother (who introduced her to the audience) and that she would share with us the end result of her experience and the recipe.

She shared the video and the photos of the meal she prepared, she writes: Take the opportunity to prepare Maggie with lots of vegetables. I hope you like it. The recipe is as follows: Cook the Maggi with olive oil and salt and cook the beans and carrots separately. Soak the onion and capsule and prepare a fresh tomato paste, put it in a large pan and add Maggie’s butter and mirror powder if necessary. Add the salt and boil well. Add a boiled Maggie at the end. Enjoy this delicacy!

A few days ago Hina Khan showed a video of her house where she was washing the floor, because someone else, maybe her brother, refused to do the dishes on the counter. Hina’s mother gives them instructions. Divided, Hina wrote: #LetsGiveHerABreak #WeShallGetThruThis #JustForFun #NooneInNoOneOut since we stopped calling our home service because of Covid-19… Mama says (Ab khud Kaam karo, I’ll only cook). And this video has only one purpose, to entertain us and entertain all of you. A tribute to my mother and all the mothers who, day after day, laboriously do all the work in the house. And being a creative person with a lot of free time… I’ll make sure you enjoy yourself even though I’m under quarantine.

Arjun Bielani also shared video clips in his stories with Instagram when he was babysitting his grandson. The videos show that they are both passionate about colouring. Arjun’s son even teaches his father to draw.