Nawazuddin fulfills the ill mother’s wish to go home; he’s not going to celebrate Eid this year, says brother Shamas-bollywood.

Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, his mother Mehrunisa Siddiqui and several members of his family left Mumbai last week for their hometown Budhana, Uttar Pradesh, where they were all kept in quarantine for 14 days. Although many suggested that Siddiqui had gone home to celebrate Eid, he explained on Twitter that it was his mother’s wish to go home because she wasn’t well.

Due to the recent loss of my younger sister, my mother, who is 71 years old, suffered two anxiety attacks.
We have complied with all government directives.
We’re #HomeQuarantined in our hometown of Budhana.
#StaySafe #StayHome #

– 18. Nawazuddin Siddiqui (@Nawazuddin_S) May 2020.

His brother, N. Siddiqui of Director Shama, denied the reports of the swearing-in ceremony and also twittered a copy of the travel permit they had taken from the Mumbai police.

Ammy took care of our sister (Siam Tamshi Siddiqui). She couldn’t stand death and didn’t hold on tight. She has been having anxiety attacks lately and asks us to take her to Budana. We couldn’t leave early because of the blockage, said Shamas, 36, adding that Nawaz had received the necessary permission on the day the connection started.

Her younger sister Siam has been fighting since she was 18. He died last December at the age of 26 of cancer.

@PTI_News @thakur_shivangi
Recently, after our sister died of cancer, our 71 year old mother is very sick. Therefore @Nawazuddin_S had to leave with her mother BUDHANA and Eid. not celebrate.

– Shamas N Siddiqui (@ShamasSiddiqui) 18. May 2020.

Shamas, who is in Mumbai, adds: Ammy ki dress haraab ho-rahi thi. And Nawaz bhai wanted to fulfill his wish. They arrived on the 11th. Can go. Nobody knew that before. When they came home, they did the Kovid 19 test, and fortunately the results were negative.

Shamas suspects that information may have leaked somewhere after the test results. It doesn’t matter, but people shouldn’t suspect he went there because of Ida, he screams.

He also said that the family will not celebrate this year because of Siam’s death. Hamaara koi apna hume chhod ke chala gaya hai, hum kaise Eid manaa sakte hain? he adds before he says Nawaz can’t talk to anyone.

Warden: Shamas Nawab Siddiqui
Vidya Subramnaian/Hindustan Times

He’s very concerned about Ammy’s health. Although she is better now, Bhai is not planning to return to Mumbai in the near future. He will not return until the shooting resumes, Shamas said, adding that our family in Budhana also needs him. He wanted to be with our brothers and sisters who stayed there, but that didn’t work out. For the past two months, we’ve all been stuck at home.

Before he’s finished, he asks everyone to celebrate Eid at home. Stay home, follow all the rules and celebrate. It’s not a good time to go out, he insists.