Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi

In this overview, we will certainly be revealing you exactly how to set up as well as run Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Minecraft

You will certainly be mounting an unique variation of Minecraft that has actually been constructed simply for the Raspberry Pi. This variation of Minecraft is called “Minecraft Pi Version”.

This variation is much older than the present launch of Minecraft. Nonetheless, it has one benefit, which is that it’s totally complimentary. Additionally, this variation of Minecraft additionally includes a Python collection that enables you to engage with the video game globe.

There are a couple of points you need to learn about this variation of Minecraft that was constructed simply for the Raspberry Pi.

  1. It makes use of the old video game globe style, implying the globe has an optimum dimension of 256 x 256 x 128 obstructs.
  2. The video game setting is innovative just, so there is no crafting in this variation of Minecraft
  3. There are no crowds in this variation

Regardless of these downsides, this is still an intriguing variation of Minecraft to check out on your Raspberry Pi. It is additionally a fantastic method to check out shows by communicating with the video game globe utilizing Python.

If you intend to run a web server for your retail variation of Minecraft, after that make sure to take a look at our Minecraft web server overview.

Devices Listing

Right here is a checklist of the devices we advise for this tutorial on mounting Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3 or 4

Micro SD Card

Power Supply

Ethernet Cable or WiFi dongle (The Pi 3 as well as 4 has Wi-fi inbuilt)


Raspberry Pi Instance

Mounting Minecraft for your Raspberry Pi

In this area, we will certainly reveal you exactly how to set up the Minecraft Pi Version to your Raspberry Pi.

1. Fortunately for us, Minecraft Pi Version has actually been provided in the Raspbian plan database.

The initial point we require to do is upgrade as well as update all existing plans by running the command listed below.

sudo appropriate upgrade
sudo appropriate upgrade

2. When the plans have actually been upgraded, we can currently wage this overview.

Run the adhering to command to set up Minecraft Pi Version to your Raspberry Pi.

sudo appropriate set up minecraft-pi

This command will certainly set up both Minecraft as well as the Python collections required to engage with it.

Running Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi

Running Minecraft Pi Version on your Raspberry Pi is an easy procedure.

1. To introduce Minecraft, you require to click the Raspberry Pi symbol in the leading left-hand edge.

Open Pi Start Menu

2. Next off, you require to float over the “Games” sub-menu, after that click “Minecraft Pi”.

Launch Minecraft Pi Edition

3. You need to currently have Minecraft Pi Version filled up on your Raspberry Pi.

To begin a video game, all you require to do is click the “Start Game” switch.

Start a new Minecraft Game

4. Within the following food selection, you require to develop your initial globe by clicking the “Create new” switch.

Create a new Minecraft World on your Raspberry Pi

5. When the globe has actually completed creating, you generate right away right into it.

Within the Minecraft World

In the following area, we will certainly demonstrate how you can make use of Python to adjust the video game globe.

Communicating with Minecraft via Python

Among the coolest attributes of Minecraft Pi Version is the API that it has integrated.

In this area, we will certainly be revealing you exactly how you can make use of Python to engage with Minecraft Pi Version.

If you would love to obtain a far better understanding of Python prior to proceeding, after that make sure to take a look at our Getting going with Python overview.

1. Allow’s begin by developing a rather straightforward Python manuscript.

Within this manuscript, we are mosting likely to send out a message to the running Minecraft customer.

Utilizing the incurable, we can start creating our Python manuscript by running the adhering to command.

nano minecraft.py

2. To begin this manuscript, we need to initially import the Minecraft Python collection.

This collection is what we will certainly be utilizing to engage with the video game customer.

Include the adhering to line to import the minecraft component from the mcpi collection.

import mcpi from minecraft

3. With the component imported, we require to develop a link to the video game customer.

We do this by utilizing the minecraft collections Minecraft.create() feature as well as saving the lead to a variable called “mc”.

mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

4. Utilizing the item we saved in our mc variable, we can make phone call to the video game customer.

The feature that we are mosting likely to make use of for our instance is the.postToChat(“TEXT HERE”-RRB- feature.

What this feature enables us to do is publish message right into the conversation.

mc.postToChat(“Hello World”-RRB-

This little code is just one of the most basic means of communicating with Minecraft on your Raspberry Pi.

5. The last variation of your code need to wind up looking similar to what we have below.

import mcpi from minecraft

mc = minecraft.Minecraft.create()

mc.postToChat(“Hello World”-RRB-

Once the code has actually been gotten in, conserve the data by pushing CTRL + X, after that Y, complied with by ENTER.

5. Allow’s proceed as well as currently run our little Python manuscript.

python3 minecraft.py

After you have actually run the manuscript, you need to see the message “Hello World” show up within the video game.

Hello World Minecraft API

Different Features of the Minecraft Python API

In this area, we will certainly check out a few of the various other features that you can make use of to engage with Minecraft from your Raspberry Pi.

Locate the Setting of the Gamer

Making Use Of the Minecraft Python API, we can fetch the x, y, as well as z setting of the gamer.

To discover the place, we can make use of the adhering to line in Python.

pos = mc.player.getPos()

The pos variable will certainly currently keep the gamer’s setting. You can access the 3 settings by utilizing pos.x, pos.y, as well as pos.z.

If you would certainly like to keep the settings as 3 different variables, after that it is additionally feasible to do that by doing the adhering to.

z, y, z = mc.player.getPos()

This approach takes advantage of Pythons unboxing capability to take out the worths to our x, y, as well as z variables.

Teleporting the Gamer

You are additionally able to teleport gamers by utilizing the API.

To do this, we will certainly be utilizing the player.setPos( x, y, z) feature.

Listed below you can see exactly how we make use of both the.setPos( x, y, z) and.getPos() operates to teleport the gamer up and down in the video game globe by 50 obstructs.

x, y, z = mc.player.getPos()
mc.player.setPos( x, y+50, z)

After running a manuscript with these 2 features, you need to see the gamer show up airborne after that drop back to the ground.

Minecraft Set World Position

Establishing a Block

The API additionally has the capability to adjust blocks in the video game globe.

To do this, you will certainly require to utilize the mc.setBlock( x, y, z, blockID) feature.

This feature enables you to transform a block at the defined setting to the one you define.

Utilizing this instance, we can make use of the adhering to code to put a rock block one x setting far from the gamer’s present setting.

x, y, z = mc.player.getPos()
mc.setBlock( x +1, y, z, 1)

After you run this code, you need to see a rock block show up. You might need to rotate the video camera around to see it.

Change Minecraft block using API

If you have an interest in the various block IDs that you can make use of, after that scroll down better as we have actually provided all the blocks sustained in Minecraft Pi version.

Establishing Several Blocks

It is additionally feasible to establish several blocks simultaneously by utilizing the mc.setBlocks( x0, y0, z0, x1, y1, z1, blockID) feature.

This feature absorbs 6 various disagreements for the settings.

The initial collection of settings (x0, y0, as well as z0) specify the beginning factor of the location. The 2nd collection of settings (x1, y1, z1) specifies the endpoint of the location.

Utilizing this feature, you can establish a location to a particular block kind, for instance, to develop a large rock dice.

In the instance listed below, we are mosting likely to reveal you exactly how to develop a 5x5x5 rock dice by utilizing the mc.setBlocks() feature.

x, y, z = mc.player.getPos()
mc.setBlocks( x +1, y +1, z +1, x +6, y +6, z +6, 1)

After running these 2 lines of code, you need to see a large rock dice show up near the gamer.

Generate giant block using API in Minecraft

This API feature is wonderful if you intend to make big items rapidly.

Recovering the ID of a Block

Much like you can establish a block, you can additionally fetch the ID of a block in a particular setting.

To do this, you can utilize the.getBlock( x, y, z) feature. This feature will certainly fetch the ID of the block at the defined setting.

For instance, you can utilize this feature to inspect what obstruct the gamer is presently depending on.

x, y, z = mc.player.getPos()
blockID = mc.getBlock( x, y-1, z)
print( blockID)

This feature can be rather helpful as you can set habits based upon the block the gamer is depending on.

Minecraft Pi Version Block IDs

Listed below you can see a checklist of the IDs of the readily available blocks in Minecraft Pi Version.

Continuous Name Block ID

If you would love to find out more concerning the Minecraft Pi Version Python API, after that you can take a look at our Minecraft API recommendation overview. This overview reveals you all the capability revealed by the API as well as describes exactly how they function.

Ideally, now in the tutorial, you will certainly currently have actually Minecraft effectively set up to your Raspberry Pi

You need to additionally currently have an understanding of exactly how you can utilize the Python API readily available for Minecraft Pi Version.

If you have actually encountered any kind of concerns with this tutorial or have any kind of responses, after that do not hesitate to go down a remark listed below.