Kyla Nelson to transfer from Pitt

Kayla Nelson announced that she would move from pit to pit at 6:00 on Thursday night.

Thomas Young | Assistant Visual Editor

Kayla Nelson announced she’d be tweeting from Pitt at 6:00. Thursday night.

Pitt basketball player will be one of her veterans next season, with young defender Kyla Nelson announcing her withdrawal from the program on Thursday.

Nelson announced his decision on Twitter around 6pm. On Thursday night she said she didn’t think she would ever move, but she was excited to see where the future would take her and to keep growing with the game of basketball.

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It’s really not what I imagined, but I’m looking forward to seeing where my journey will take me. I look forward to continuing to support myself in and out of court.

– Kayla Nelson (@kylanelson_) 2. April 2020.

I look forward to staying in and out of court, she said.

With this decision, Nelson is the fifth player of former coach Susie McConnell-Serio to make the change since Lance White became coach in April 2018. His departure means that there is only one player left who was recruited and played under McConnell Serio – Kara Judkins Junior Centre.

Nelson came from Woking, England to Pitt in the fall of 2017 to play with the Panthers in the final season of the Serio McConnell. Before joining the Panthers, Nelson already had a famous international career behind him. He became captain of the British senior team and also led the U-20 team to fifth place at the 2016 European Championship in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Nelson played all 30 games in his first year as Panther, from the age of nine. She averaged 4.5 points and 19 minutes in 2017-18 and had the best score of her university career with 14 points against her rival from West Virginia.

In her first season as head coach of White, she improved her performance to 6.0 points per game and played 30 games, eight of which as head coach. Nelson showed up as shooter for the second season and scored 42 3 points. In 23 games for Pitt she tripled and was 40.4% of the back, the fourth best in the CCA.

His health problems seriously injured Nelson during his teenage years, because in September he was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor in his appendix, a form of cancer. She was operated in October and after six weeks off she finally came back to the team to train.

Nelson came back in mid-December against the University of Miami on the 17th. December 2019 returned to the field, but remained on the bench for the rest of the year after three more games to fully recover.

Against this background, the Panthers took the initiative to replace Nelson with a New Mexico transfer guard, Jayla Everett, who signed for Pitt on Thursday night. The adult juniors have an average of 12.7 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.6 assists per match in 1.5 seasons with the Lobos, who win the Mountain West First Year Award 2018-19.kyla nelson pitt,kyla nelson pitt basketball,kyla nelson nationality,kyla nelson bio,kyla nelson parents,pitt football,kyla nelson wiki,kyla nelson wikipedia