Kim Jong-un back in the news as North Korea reshuffles its security

There has been a lot of speculation lately about the state of health of Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea. Later, on the 1st. In May he reappeared on the public programme for the opening of a fertiliser factory. He looked healthy and the rumors were gone. North Korea is a nuclear weapons nation and the health of its leader is always important, not only for its country but also for the world. It seems Kim has made some high-level changes to her security system. The reasons for these changes will always remain a mystery to outsiders, but the leader knows what is best for him and his country. It must take control of the United States to relax sanctions because they harm the economy.

Kim may need to reconsider the strategies he used to get new blood.

According to the Daily Mail UK, one of Kim’s actions was to replace the head of the country’s espionage agency, who was also responsible for the leader’s security. Sources in South Korea confirm the appointment of Roman Kwan Il, a lieutenant general in the North Korean army, as head of the country’s main intelligence service. The South Korean Unification Ministry says that Rome’s appointment as head of the RGB took place last December. Another change is the Quack Chang Shik. He’s now at the head of Kim’s High Guard, and some consider his ascent a meteoric rise. We can assume Kim wants a new security system.

Kim Jong-un wants to have the closest employees in themanagement positions.

The leader of North Korea may be the youngest leader in the world with an impressive nuclear arsenal. Lately, the media has been talking about his health. This is now ancient history, and South Korean officials have suggested that his sudden absence from the capital Pyongyang should have guaranteed safety against any coronavirus attack.

As far as the changes in his security are concerned, it seems that he wants reliable people in management positions. Hence his exercise in reorganizing the security apparatus. RGB is the most important spy agency in the country and may have developed several spy activities against South Korea, Japan and the United States.

According to Seoul, the RGB may have been involved in the torpedoing of a South Korean naval vessel, killing many sailors.

The Daily Mail UK concludes that the actions initiated by Kim Jong-un are aimed at consolidating power in the country. He has done similar exercises to bring his closest colleagues into management positions. By the way, Hyung Song Wool is an unexpected newcomer. She was close to Kim, and now she’s a senior consultant. She could be a new face in the propaganda department. She has experience as a soloist for a women’s group associated with the North Korean lobby.

That could be a plus for them.

Villa Wonsan, Kim Jong-un’s retreat…

Kim Jong-un replaced the head of the secret service and the personal bodyguard, two senior North Korean officials

– Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline) 15 May 2020

According to The Sun UK, Kim Jong-un seems to have been in charge of the plant after the opening of a fertiliser factory in Sunjong on 1 January. It’s possible he went back to Wonsan Villa. Indeed, another luxury boat has appeared at Villa Vonsan. These sports boats are equipped with swimming pools and luxurious leisure areas. Given the mysterious nature of the country, observers rely on satellite images to follow developments in the hermitage kingdom. These pictures usually show that some boats are under repair.

Luxury boats are proof that Kim prefers a better quality of life.

Donald Trump has a special place for Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un enjoys great respect from the President of the United States. This is related to Donald Trump’s initiative to break down barriers and defeat Kim Jong-un. Trump tried to pave the way for peace on the Korean peninsula. The two heads of state and government have met more than once, but no solution has yet been found. The coronavirus is a major handicap today because it has plunged the whole world into total chaos.

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