Jerick McKinnon shows his workout routine


Jeric McKinnon, the former Minnesota Viking fullback, signed a contract with San Francisco 49 a few days ago. However, it is not yet officially registered in San Francisco; a former Viking representative has been traumatized since signing the contract at the age of 49.

Now that the last NFL off-season is over, McKinnon will have another chance to play in San Francisco, a team that has many talented vice champions in its current roster. However, McKinnon seems determined to make some noise among the 49-year-olds, as veteran Rasher recently posted a cheerful training video on social networks.

Originally signed to serve the team from his Viking membership, McKinnon accepted a four-year free agent contract at the age of 49 years. Although McKinnon has not played in a regular end-of-year phase since signing such a contract, which originally cost up to $30 million, he underwent a medical examination at the end of last season and seems to be progressing with optimism.

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