I was scared to face India’s bowling attack in Perth: Marcus Harris

The Indian trio of Jaspreet Boomra, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami have become the reference in world cricket with various performances by bowling stars.

Marcus Harris Marcus Harris. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Pictures)

The Indian subcontinent has been known for years for its mysterious spider attack. A new generation of young fast bowling players has changed the fate of Indian fast bowling. The current rate of attacks in India is known to be one of the best in recent years.

The Australian rookie Markus Harris admitted that he was very afraid of fast bowling in India. The 2018-19 tour in India was very different from the previous tours in Australia. The team led a strong bowling attack to beat the good fighting spirit of Australia. To win the test game, the team would have to take 20 wickets.

The Indian trio of Jaspreet Boomra, Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami have become the benchmark for world cricket with various star bowling performances. In tandem bowling, the batter makes a mistake. The Markus Harris test knife, also considered a reckless and terrible attack, showed how much he feared Indian sailors during the Second World War. Test match at Perth’s Optus Stadium during the Indian Australia Tour 2018-19.

In the middle it was scary: Markus Harris

After reaching the remarkable mark of 70 in the first test, Markus wanted to take a strong position and build a solid partnership with Aaron Finch. But a heavy attack in the bowling alley prevented both clubs from calming down. After hitting his right index finger, Finch was forced to take a step back in the pain.

Harris himself hit the helmet. The first player was stunned when he saw that he was facing an aggressive attack.  He confessed the same thing in the recently published Amazon series: I was afraid… The confrontation with this attack (Indian fast bowlers) at the gate (Perth) was frightening. On TV it might have looked good, but in the middle it was scary.

The morale of the team after such incidents will certainly decrease. It is known that the Australian combat team was surprised by such a fierce attack while bowling from India. The Batsmen were afraid to defend or leave the ball. Australian fields are known for their jumping ability. Jaspreet and Shami took the opportunity to take the lead in the bowling game with the deadly bouncers to put the side of the baseball on his hind legs.

Over the years, the Indian team has always been compromised in its attacks on bowling in Australia, without intent or aggression. However, this tour triggered a new culture in which the ring bowlers led the team to a better position in the game and also had a strong influence on the course of the series.