How to Stream fuboTV on Apple TV (Easy Guide)

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Apple TV is a convenient way to turn your TV into a smart TV. With access to dozens of programs offering live content as well as movies and TV on demand, Apple TV is a convenient way to stay up to date with the latest TV entertainment content. To take your media device beyond the cable box, you can use the fuboTV application, a live streaming service that you can download from Apple TV.

fuboTV broadcasts the latest TV content directly to your Apple TV. Your subscription gives you unlimited access to more than 100 non-stop entertainment channels 24 hours a day, including your favorite sitcoms, reality shows and drama series. Can’t get home in time to watch the last episode of your mandatory productions? fuboTV offers you the opportunity to upgrade to a 500 hour cloudy DVR. You don’t need a digital video recorder to store your favorite programs at will.

With a fuboTV subscription, you can cut your cable operator’s cable and reduce those expensive monthly bills. You don’t need a contract to sign up for fuboTV and you can change your add-ons from month to month. If you decide you want access to premium networks or even more sports coverage, you can extend your fuboTV subscription. Your Apple TV becomes the perfect device for playback with access to NFL RedZone, international sports and entertainment in multiple languages thanks to FuboTV updates and additions.

With fuboTV, viewers can follow local news live and gain access to broadcasts from local sports teams. Follow the success of your favourite team throughout the season, whether it’s a professional or a university competition. Spend the evenings with friends and family by taking part in live local games.

How to download fuboTV on Apple TV?

Download the fuboTV app to your Apple TV and get instant live access to the TV shows you need. All you need is an active Internet connection and an Apple TV media device connected to your TV.

Follow these steps to access fuboTV on Apple TV

  1. Sign up for fuboTV
  2. Turn on the television
  3. Make sure your Apple TV is connected to the Internet.
  4. Open the App Store
  5. On the home screen, choose Search
  6. input fuboTV
  7. Select the fuboTV application when it appears.
  8. Click Receive and enter the Apple ID password (on request).

After downloading, you must link your fuboTV account to the application. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Sign up for fuboTV
  2. Start the fuboTV application
  3. Click on Connect with Code.
  4. Go to on your mobile device or PC.
  5. Login to your fuboTV account
  6. Enter the code displayed on your Apple TV

Now you can watch live TV for hours on end on Apple TV with fubo TV and an active subscription.

How much does fuboTV cost?

Subscription to fuboTV starts at $54.99 per month for a standard package that includes more than 100 live channels, including Comedy Central, AMC, SNY, MSG, FS1, NFL Network and MSNBC. You can transfer 2 screens at the same time and get 30 hours of space on your DVR.

The next option is the $59.99 Family Plan, which gives you over 100 channels plus 3 screens simultaneously and gives you 500 hours of DVR space. For $64.99 you can get a family plan with Showtime (which adds 9 Showtime channels on request).

There is an Ultra package with 176 channels, plus fubo extra (with 40 extra entertainment channels), Showtime (+9 channels) and Sports Plus (22 high-energy sports channels). The VCR from the cloud for this location is still off for 500 hours.

There are also several additional options you can consider, including AMC Premiere for $4.99 per month, Sports Plus with NFL RedZone for $10.99 per month, fubo Extra for $5.99 per month (which adds channels such as MTV Classic, Nick Music, NBA TV, NHL Network and Cooking Channel), Adventure Plus for $4.99 per month (which adds Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and many others) and some international options.

What content on fuboTV?

With fuboTV you can broadcast live programs without paying for cable TV, also on networks such as USA, Comedy Central, AMC, TBS, TNT, MSNBC and many others. That means you’ll get top scores like Walking Dead, Comedy Central Gifts, Chappelle Show, American Dad, Final Space and more!

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