End of the World Coming-of-Age Video Game If Found… Reveals Release Date

Interactive visual novel. If he’s found… …showed it was the 19th. May on iOS, PC and Mac (the last two via Steam). The game, developed by Dublin-based studio DREAMFEEL and published by Annapurna Interactive, takes place in a world in which players are transported to the end of the world via the diary of a young pedisha in Ireland on 31 December 1993. December, when a black hole destroys the world.

Wenn… is directed by Laura McGee and presented by Liad Young; they are handmade pieces with soundtracks by 2mello, Eli Rainsbury and others. The art has an incredibly distinctive style, and it seems that people are actively erasing parts of the screen to move forward. Below you will find the trailer of the next interactive graphic novel:

This is how DREAMFEEL and Annapurna Interactive If Found… :

If it’s found… it’s a powerful and optimistic study of family, friendship, isolation and connectedness. In the game, players read and erase the diary of Casio, a young faggot who returns to his family home on Achilles Island in the west of Ireland. Players will relive the Casio experience and experience both the happy and the painful moments that make up the month of December 1993. Everything leads to the night of the 31st. December, when a black hole will destroy the whole world. Where is she from? Is there a way to prevent that? The answers are there and waiting to be discovered.


FI… @dreamfeelx will be held on the 19th. May appear on Steam and the App Store. Add it to your steam pressure wish list here // https://t.co/Gtj9Ltzbi9 pic.twitter.com/9tRPXWdMO0.

– Annapurna Interactive (@A_i) 2. April 2020

You can consult the most important works of art in If Found…, directly from DREAMFEEL and Annapurna Interactive, below:

is found (Photo: DREAMFEEL / Annapurna Interactive)

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If… it will be the 19th. May release on iOS, PC and Mac The App Store version costs $4.99, the PC and Mac (via Steam) version costs $12.99. You can view all our reports on computer games here.

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