Dak Prescott Contract: Joel Corry Predicts ‘Cave’ Cowboys

Prescott Duck


Prescott Duck

As a former NFL agent and current CBS expert on pay restraint, Joel Corrie is authorized to speak at the talks between Duck Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys.

So when Corrie predicts that the cowboys will beat the quarterback with a franchise in the form of their favorite four-year contract, it’s interesting to understand the logical reasoning behind this prediction.

That’s how you know. No matter how some [cowboys] say it, Duck doesn’t really want it, if there was a year in which you could ride a quarterback, it’s this year because you had two quarterbacks available in an independent agency, Corrie said in an interview with Athletic. When Dallas was hot with Duck, they could put him with a transition label where they could play a game, let the market dictate what the deal would look like, and then go crazy or not. They didn’t even apply a non-exclusive franchise label where they could get the first two rounds of the brochure. It is obvious that they would like to apply an exclusive franchise label to ensure that it is a closed market. I think the deal’s been made.

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It was said before.

Corrie’s the last to plan the cowboy financial concession, but he’s not the first. Last March, after the team submitted a bid of $31.4 million, reporter Mike Fisher, using the same C-word, announced that he thought Prescott would eventually win.

You can discuss the quality of Duck Prescott, but we know what the cowboys think, Fisher said, anticipating the club’s offer at the moment. We know they got a $106 million guarantee. Says Jerry, and I’ll rephrase it: I wouldn’t give anybody $106 million if I wasn’t sure. So the commitment of the cowboys to him is very real.

I think Cowboy is Cave, after all, in the absence of a better word, and it ends with a four-year contract, and Duck Prescott is a long-term, face-to-face franchise quarterback in Dallas, he added.


The parties, which have been in discussion for most of the calendar year, no longer have time to agree with Corrie and Fisher. As before the 15th. If no agreement is reached in July, Prescott’s options are reduced to signing an agreement or implementing a blockade.

The latest cowboy bid at Prescott would exceed $34 million a year and includes guaranteed funds equivalent to the $110 million record set by Jared Goffe of Rams QB. The biggest hurdle is length; Dallas wants a five-year commitment, while Prescott, 26, wants to re-enter the market at 30.

Diana Rusini, an ESPN NFL insider, said last week that neither party is saying much at the moment, although those close to the situation continue to say that it could happen before the 15th anniversary deadline. July will come.

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