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Last year at an event Janhvi Kapoor accidentally said that she had temporarily given up non-vegetarian food as part of a mannata she had accepted in the hope of playing that role. Kaafi sanskari ladki hoon hand, miniskirt of mine! The 22-year-old actor was joking. But she wasn’t kidding. The Bollywood-born daughter of the late superstar Shridevi and producer Boni Kapoor has been studying spirituality and religion for about a year. Looks like it’s bringing her closer to her mother.

I identify with the values of the world, but also with the aesthetics of the older generation. Kafi sanskari ladki hoon hand, miniskirt of mine!

Mother has always been very, very religious, Dhanghvi said. And I think I’ve become much more religious since his death (Sridewy died on February 24, 2018). Somehow I feel closer to her when I do things that belong to her.

It’ll be clear when we start shooting. Although we saw a funny shooting with Gene Z’s little girl, she’s not in the mood. Instead, as soon as the camera starts clicking, he aligns his inner diva and reminds us, albeit perhaps unintentionally, of the ultra-glamorous and super sexy Sridewy with his glossy film magazine covers. We need time for her to relax and get back to the 22-year-old girl she is.

Outside the world of make-up rituals or style tips, Janhvi Kapoor has found a deeper connection with her deceased mother: Get dressed: Dolly J
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I am a very childish person, but I identify more with the values of the world and even with the aesthetics of the older generation, Hanvi said. I always thought I was mentally born in the ’70s or ’60s.

My mother was very religious, but I’m a little paranoid to sell that part of me. I’m spiritual, but quiet!

This dichotomy becomes increasingly clear as the day progresses. Although a little open and often overwhelmed by its maturity and balance, it sometimes dies suddenly. She’s ashamed to reveal her spiritual side. I’m very religious, but talking about it makes me a little uncomfortable, she says. I’m a little paranoid to sell this part of me to promote something. I’m spiritual, but quiet.

Climbing all mountains

When Janhvi travels, she goes directly to religious structures. I like going to churches and I think I’ve been to every mosque in Istanbul, she says. These places have such strong energy. People go there with such hope, such faith and such conviction that the vibration of these places is very different. That’s what I like, not the religion for which the building was built and for which God is worshipped there. Still, I have a very strong emotional bond with Balaji, just like my mother.

The pope was seen in the Temple of Tyrumala, as it was before the exposure of his Debute films Dadak; Kleid; Yousef Aljasmi; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke; Danke...

The actor was spotted in the temple of Tyrumala when he asked for blessing shortly before the release of his first film Dadak; Dress; Yousef Aljasmi
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Last year Janhvi visited the Tirupati Balaji Temple on the occasion of his mother’s birthday. Recently I learned that if she works, she goes to Tirupati every year on her birthday. As soon as she got married and was engaged to us, she stopped. So I decided that on her birthday I would climb to the top and pray for her.

Janhvi asked for Balaji’s blessing in the Trumal temple for the premiere of his first film Dadak (2018). The first time I got up after losing them when the priests opened Darshan’s curtain, I began to cry inconsolably. It wasn’t like what I’d been through before, the actor reveals.

Darshan won .

Because this is her way of communicating with her mother, Janhvi does not want to be part of the daily routine. Like her mother, she walked 3550 paces.

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to drive comfortably to the temple. People wait in line for hours and days. I know I can’t be a part of this lineage, but it won’t be easy to get to the temple either. They have to win Darshan, she smiles and adds: I know I might be a little wrong right now, but the first steps are really easy and exciting. Only after 200/300 steps does it suddenly become very difficult. But then you slowly find the rhythm and the pain is numbed and you go on. Even if you bring people to their knees, old people climbing a hill, people carrying babies on a hill, it puts things into perspective. In fact, it sounds like life. First you start to be immature, then suddenly everything seems difficult, and then you finally have fun.

According to Janhvi, his religious side has never been discussed among his friends. Dress ; Maë Paris
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Janhvi fell in love with this trip. I have had so much therapeutic experience that I now want to come back every two months, she smiles. In fact, the actress recently coached an unsuspecting director in his next film, Gunzhan Saxon: That girl, Cargil, on one of those climbs! I don’t think he’s ever been to the temple, she’s laughing. Poor guy, his stamina’s very low, but I let him climb all those stairs. His face has lost colour, his lips are cracked, I’ve got this picture!

Learning curve

Although Janhvi is strange among his friends because of his spiritual line, his religious side has never been a topic of conversation. Now that they know that I go to Siddhivinyak every Tuesday, they know that I climb a temple on my birthday or that I am alone in Banar, she says.

Since last year Gianhvi is organically connected with the spiritual side of his deceased mother.

Her interest in spirituality is greater than that of religion, although she also finds religion fascinating because of her interest in history. Religion is often used to separate people, while spirituality is love for oneself and love for others, Dhanghvi said. Religion can easily be corrupted for political purposes. I once read a lot about Buddhism and I even read Osho’s biography as a child! I heard him say in an interview that he was a witty playboy. I was fascinated by the idea. Still, Mom was shocked when she caught me reading this book!

Religion can easily be corrupted for political purposes.

Today she believes that the spirituality of her childhood was an acquired spirituality. Now I’m more responsible for my spirituality, she explains. For example, I pray not for trivial things or just for myself, but for my whole family, Dhanghvi said.

Sweet Blessing

This statement doesn’t sound quite like Jahvis Mannat’s statement for the role, and she admits it sounds a bit crazy, hoping to win the audition by promising to temporarily give up non-vegetarian food.

If you see your mother doing the dishes every night before bedtime, start imitating her and it becomes part of your own sleeping ritual.

But for me it’s a psychological thing, she laughs. I know that nothing in life is easy, and I don’t want to make it easy on myself. Taking manat doesn’t mean you’re exposed to a big fight, but sometimes you need a little more. You can meet people, audition, work on yourself, but after a while I felt I needed something more, so I took the Mannat.

Although she knows that mannat is not the shortest route to success, nor a substitute for hard work, Janghvi follows in her mother’s footsteps with mannat. The mother was very religious and in some areas even superstitious. She used to do a lot of pujas and mannatas for us and for daddy’s movies. I grew up with all this, she says.

So, if Janhvi enters a room with her only right foot and does nothing good during Rahu Kalam, these are just habits she has learned over time. It’s like seeing your mother wash every night before bed and you start imitating her, and then it’s part of your own sleeping ritual, she explains.

Yanghvi is slightly open and often amazed by his maturity and balance of
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Although Janhvi visited family mpujas all his life, it was not for religious reasons, but because the visit was compulsory. His bond with religion only developed after his mother’s death. After last year I started communicating with this side of mom’s personality in a very organic way, and it was a great comfort to me, she says. When I pray, I feel closer to her.

(PS: now that she has the role she wanted, Janhvi eats rudeness again!)

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