Coronavirus UK: Michael Government backtracks on teacher safety ‘guarantee’

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Mikhail Gov admitted that the transmission of the coronavirus in the newly opened schools could not be ruled out, just minutes after the teachers were assured that they could safely resume their work.

The Cabinet Secretary called on the trade unions and teachers’ councils to respectfully resume their responsibilities after some had opposed a government proposal to reopen primary schools in England on 1 January 2007. June.

Mr Gove asked him on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme if he could guarantee that the teachers would be safe under the plan, according to Mr Gove: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Later he took some risks with the transfer and added the only way to make sure you never get infected with the coronavirus is to stay at home. When these restrictions are relaxed, there is always a risk of people becoming infected with the coronavirus.

The Minister appears to have defended his guarantee of common sense when it comes to understanding what it means to be safe, adding that his position was defended after discussions with Sir Patrick Vallens, the chief scientific adviser.

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He went on to say: What’s important is that we can secure these jobs. They will never be able to eliminate the risk, but as we know it is very unlikely that a school is the cause of the Covidus outbreak, and if for some reason there is a risk, we can take steps to reduce the risk.

We cannot keep our economy, our schools and our public services closed all the time, because the consequences for health would also be malignant.

None of us can guarantee that someone is completely (safe) if he is not constantly in prison in his own home.

The classrooms will be empty, except for the desks, where the children will be separated two metres apart (Photo: Holiwell Village School).

Children will have to sit at separate desks (Photo: Holiwell Village School).

Proposals include the possibility to place children in classes of up to 15 people at individual counters at the same time, as well as alternative breaks and arrival times.

Some schools have developed their own additional measures to minimise the spread of the virus.

Today, reported how Primary Northumberland planned to assign individual game bubbles to pupils featured with hoops on the floor before apparently withdrawing the offer following social media reactions.

Children returning to school in France and other European countries face similar restrictions when playing.

The Shadow Minister of Labour has asked the government to release the evidence behind the proposal to reopen the schools.

Rachel Reeves told Skye News on Sunday in Sofia Ridge: The government still has a long way to go to ensure that it is safe to send the children back in two weeks’ time.

The government has two weeks to put its house in order. So far they haven’t arrived on the right side.

File picture Danny Lawson/Pa wire

Rachel Reeves has asked the government to release its scientific recommendations on the subject (Photo: PA).

The British Medical Association has taken on board the concerns of the teachers’ unions who, after a meeting with scientific advisers and ministers on Friday, asked for further answers, while Liverpool and Hartlepool are considering opening schools on 1 January. June not to reopen.

Mr Gov, former Minister of Education, said that I respectfully ask them to reconsider the extension of the scientific advice they are considering.

I know that the BMA is primarily concerned with the interests of its members, but in fact the scientific and clinical opinion is clear: it is safe to reopen schools, which goes hand in hand with social distance.

Children only have one chance to get an education. Over the past decade, we have made significant progress in narrowing the gap between the richest and the poorest in our schools. Through this barrier, it has retreated to the bottom.

If you really care about kids, you want them to go to school, study, get opportunities. Investigate your responsibilities.

Andy Burnham, mayor of the Greater Manchester Labour Party, suggested reopening schools at different stages depending on the level of transmission in different parts of the country.

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