Corey Feldman Announces The Winner Of The U R Free Video Contest — Marisa Wren’s Fan Video Wins

When Corey Feldman released his documentary film My Truth..: He wrote the rape of 2 Coris (who, according to Todd Malm, forced the actor and musician into hiding) and performed an original song for the film: U R free. The song is a tribute to his best friend Cory Chaim, with whom he played in seven films. Unfortunately Corey Haim died in 2010 of complications due to pneumonia. He and Cory Feldman both suffered a lot from the sexual abuse they suffered during teenage heartbeats in Hollywood and in the movie My Truth : The rape of two Coreys, Corey Feldman called them. He mentioned not only the predators he accused of sexual harassment, but also a man who, according to Cory Haim, raped him at the age of 13: Charlie Sheen.

Charlie Sheen denied these accusations by making a statement as his publicist.

Corey Feldman said in the film that before his death he promised Corey Chaim that he would tell his story and help change the industry so that other children who grew up in Hollywood would not be subjected to the same horrific abuse.

Corey Feldman did.

In addition to his film (which Feldman plans to re-release in April), he is working with Screen Actors Guild (SAG) to try to make constant changes to protect children in television and film. He is also an ambassador for Child USA and works directly with Marcy Hamilton to try to eliminate the statute of limitations in cases of sexual violence across the country.

And now his song U R Free is a new opportunity for the actor to change. The song takes up a lot of air and rises in several independent music cards.

You can see the video fans who won Marisa Wren’s Corey Feldman video contest in the video player below.

END ACCESS TO THE 4 WORLD 2 NETWORK CASES OF MUSIC VISIONS #FELDFAM MEMBER @MarisaWren She became the winner of the competition #URFREE2MAKEUROWN2COREYSVID : FREE OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO OF Corey Feldman (created by a fan) via @YouTube

– 3. Corey Feldman (@Corey_Feldman) April 2020.

You’ve seen Corey Feldman’s explosive documentary, My Truth: The rape of two Koreans? Were you surprised by the names in the movie?

Were you shocked to hear that Corey Feldman has been in hiding since the release of the film and has left the United States?


Disclosure : Shariss Van Horn has had personal contact and communicated with Cory Feldman, members of Feldfam and Wolfpack. She never spoke or talked to Judy Chaim.


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