Calculate the total number of the Riddle: Answer explained


Have you seen a puzzle on social networking sites asking you to calculate the sum of the numbers and the top number looks like 6? The answer to this riddle is a little harder than you think.

The puzzle caught my attention when I was tagged on Facebook by a friend who shared the puzzle. That’s what it looks like:


We’re not sure where the secret came from. It is now distributed on Facebook in many forms, although the puzzle numbers are the same.

Are you ready for an answer? She’s down there.

Here is the answer to violin.

The answer is 30.

The most important thing is to find all the numbers hidden in the picture. The puzzle can be confusing because there are some numbers hidden in the picture.

First you see six, nine and one down there:


Then 8 and 4:


There’s a double hidden in there. Note that when 2 layers start at the top, there is a small layer in the figure that indicates that there are 2 layers at the top of 8.


So you see 6+9+1+8+2+4=30.

Most people traditionally believe that this is the answer. For example, the Republican world says the answer is 30. And that’s the right answer, because the drawing has very clear labels that indicate the numbers on top of each other.

But some people talk about it. Some say that 8 can be divided into 3.


That’s a moot point. Someone might say it doesn’t look like a threesome. But if you think it looks like a three, your answer is 33. 6 does not have a light layer marking indicating that 3 times 8, i.e. 33, would not be the accepted answer. (Others say that there is also a hidden five out of eight, but that it is really stretched. It is rather a hidden S that is not a number).

Some will say that 8 can also have an inverted 3, giving you a 36. If you try to stretch it even more, you can pretend that the 2 inversions are similar to 7, which gives you the answer 43. Others even claim that there is a hidden inverted 6 (if 9 is inverted), which gives the answer 49.

If you really want to make things confusing, you can say that the 8 pages are infinite, and the answer is infinite. This is a good answer when people try to add numbers to the puzzle that are inverted or sideways, and it’s all confusing.

This way you can see that as soon as you turn the numbers over and put them aside, everything can quickly fade away. If we don’t reverse the numbers and look for small multi-layer markings, the answer is traditionally 30. If you look at the numbers upside down or sideways, the answer will quickly go to infinity thanks to the doubling of the 8 as an infinity symbol.

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