‘Break the beard of Mahi’-Fans urge MS Dhoni to shave off his white beard and make a comeback.

When he saw an aging superstar, one of his fans offered him a shave on the Instagram MS Dhoni page.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni. (source: Twitter)

Recently several videos have appeared on the internet in which Mahendra Singh Doni has been spotted. But the veteran doesn’t look the same in these videos. It seems that Jorkhand got a white beard during this isolation and that he looked much older than a 38 year old boy.

When they saw him like that, his fans looked very disappointed because it looked like an aging warrior was about to retire. While other cricketers spend time in this confinement, the former Indian captain did not do so at all. Southpaw quarantines the ranch with his wife Sakshi Doni and daughter Ziva.

Fans offer MS Dhoni to shave their beards and silence critics

When he saw an aging superstar, one of his fans offered to shave her beard on the Instagram MS Dhoni website. The fans asked the former captain to shave off his beard and return to the Indian team.

Fans expressed their disappointment at all the rumors in the media that the botanist’s calibrator should be out of the game by now. According to loyal dhoni fans, it will be a great gesture for the veteran to shave off his beard and score a winning goal.

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This is no ordinary position, nor is it a position of thanks. This is my request, from a passionate admirer to my greatest idol. Mahi, you have no idea what a big fan I am. I’m only breathing to watch you play. Through all the ups and downs, I feel like I’m here for you. So when I hear people talking: You’re old, you look tired, you should retire after your recent social media peak, I’m very sad. It hurts when people talk about you like that. For me and many of your fans, you will always be the best captain in India, the best cricketer in the world. Then we’ll silence them, the ones who doubt you. Once and for all. And we’re gonna start by getting our handsome Captain Cool back. Mahi, shave your beard off and shut up the critics. Friends of Mahi *Take The Winning Stroke*, we are going to create a *Take The Winning Stroke trend so that it reaches @mahi7781 and comes with a shaved view. #BreakTheBeard, mahi! # # . . . # Dhoney… ~ Dhoney… ~ Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Dhoney… Mahi…

20. Job shared by Superfan Doni (@dhonisuperfan). May 2020 at 2:35 a.m. PT.

In fact, even Donny’s mother reacted to the image of her son with a grey beard. In an interview with BDcrictime she said he wasn’t old enough for that grey beard. Yeah, I’ve seen his new look, but he’s not that old. No child grows old for no mother, says Devaki Devi.

In this gentleman’s game, you’re the nicest gentleman I’ve ever met. Please, one more time @msdhoni! Shave and take the winning shot.

– Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) 20. May 2020.

Doni has not played for India since the semi-finals of last year’s World Cup. Negotiations were underway for his return to the ICC T20 Men’s World Championship in Australia. However, the coronavirus pandemic has also called this into question. Rumor has it that the tournament will be postponed until 2022.

It is highly unlikely that the veteran will play ODI 350 before 2022. It is likely that he will return to the cricket competition with the IPL 2020. However, as far as the COWID 19 pandemic is concerned, there is no certainty in this respect.