Anupam Kher is sure his hair will grow, Parineeti Chopra regrets good hair day: Bollywood shares lockdown ke side effects – bollywood

Anupam Ker has finally regained hope, because he thinks his hair could grow back during the 21-day blockade announced by Prime Minister Nahrendra Maudie in the middle of a coronavirus epidemic. The actor shared different views about himself and asked his fans what style to choose when this happened.

Exchange photos, he writes on Instagram: I feel like my hair can grow during this period of #SelfQuarantine and #Lockdown. If that happens. What style do you think suits me best? Please don’t laugh. This is serious. #SelfQuarantineKeSideEffects #KuchBhiHoSaktaHai.

While the first picture shows him with silky platinum blond hair falling on his forehead, other pictures show him with black wigs.

Meanwhile, Parinetti Chopra was bored that no one was watching her day of good hairdressing. She documented them in her stories in Instagram, showing several self-portraits of her perfectly straight hair. Sadness in my eyes because it is such a good day with her and no one will see it, she wrote.

Parineti Chopra shows her perfectly straight hair.

Many other celebrities have decided to bring relief in the form of a comic strip while the stress level increases. Ali Asgar, best known for his dadi- or nani-outfits in Kapil Sharma, shared a midnight thought on Twitter. He wrote: So yes… subah uthkar phir Sona hai…

So, jaaosubah uthkar phir Sona hai…

– Ali Asgar (@kingaliasgar) 24. March 2020

Vir Das, who just released a comedy show on his YouTube channel, responded to the ban in his own style. He tweeted: I’ll probably be done with the Internet in 21 days. What happens after the batting video? That’s where I am now.

I’ll probably be done with the Internet in 21 days. What happens after the batting video? That’s where I am now.

– Vir Das (@thevirdas) 25. March 2020.

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The day before, Nina Gupta showed an open video in which she wore a heavy gold necklace with randomly chosen objects from her house. The actress said that since she had nowhere else to go with the channel, she had no choice but to post it publicly on social networks.

She said it was a good idea: Since I got it, I’ve never had to go to events or weddings. So I thought about setting it up and showing it, at least I’m happy if I blush in the social media. Who knows when we’ll get to the event, so it’s not a bad idea. These days I sometimes spend the whole day in my nightgown. We people don’t prepare at home, we only prepare when we have to go out. In fact, somebody said we all want a little gratitude: Achche lag rahe ho (looks good).